Conferencias a cargo de Roger Colombik, de la School of Art & Design de la Texas State University

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Los próximos días 3, 4  y 10 de marzo nos visita el artista y profesor de la School of Art & Design de la Texas State University, Roger Colombik, que nos ofrecerá un ciclo de conferencias en torno a diferentes temáticas:

1. ‘Mis obras en escultura y como productor cultural’.

     Martes 3 de marzo de 2020 a las 12:00 h.

     Lugar: Aula 008 (Escultura)

   2. Artists in Times of War: Reflections on Howard Zinn and the Responsibility of the Artist in Society’     

        Miércoles 4 de marzo de 2020 a las 12:00 h.

        Lugar: Aula 111

   3. ‘Escultura contemporánea en Texas y obras de mis estudiantes’

        Miércoles 10 de marzo a las 12:00 h.

        Lugar: Aula 008 (Escultura).


Roger Colombik lives in the Texas Hill Country with his wife and artistic collaborator Jerolyn. Born and raised in Chicago, the city’s monumental sculptural presence helped to define his understanding of the relationship between the artist, the community and public spaces. His Socially Engaged-based projects are often undertaken in milieus where traditions and cultural heritage have collided head-on with westernization and government malfeasance. Rooted in the tradition of documentary studies, the projects utilize contemporary formats that include large-scale photography, publications and intervention. Fulbright Scholar Program, CEC Artslink and the Texas State University Research Program have supported Roger’s projects including work in Burma, Armenia, Republic of Georgia and Ecuador. Roger and Jerolyn recently developed a project in collaboration with International Rescue Committee – Abilene and The Grace Museum to examine issues of assimilation and citizenship for families resettling in Abilene from Congo, Burundi and Nepal. Roger teaches sculpture at Texas State University.

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  1. Rose Colombik
    10 marzo, 2020

    You sound fabulous, Roger. Wish we were close enough to attend some of your shows and lectures!